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Our business strategy was developed by asking 36 clients what they liked and didn’t like about traditional retainer recruiting and retainer firms.  The result is Zen Placements.

Our clients experience a reduction in costs that exceeds 50% over traditional staffing, contingency or search firms with a placement rate above 90%.

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With decades of recruiting experience and adapting to our client’s needs, we have combined the very best of retained search
with the non-exclusive flexibility of contingent search.

Human resources and hiring managers love our attentive service and the success rate of a 90% fill ratio with less than 2% fall off.  With a cost savings that exceed 50% on the first hire and even more savings on additional placements, we experience a high degree of customer loyalty.   

Contingency Search  We have no up-front fees and a simple to understand and mutually beneficial agreement framework.  Working with us is very simple, easy and you only pay for performance… period.  We have no extra fees, no retainer,  just the peace of mind and feeling of success that comes with the process of efficiently being sent the best candidates for your hiring needs. 

Simplicity  Starting your relationship with Zen Placements is simple.  We make the time to discuss your business and evolving needs.  We are always ready to work directly with hiring managers and HR to understand the most current situation, desired candidate skills and attributes.  You can expect your first candidate submittals to be ready for your interview within 7-10 business days.  

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