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With over 20-years experience across industries, we understand the needs, metrics, KPI’s and how important each and every placement is for your company.  We have detailed knowledge that spans many industries that help us ask the right questions and verify the fitness of each candidate.  Every individual matters when it comes to moving business forward and stimulating a productive atmosphere.  At Zen Placements, the focus of our business is to efficiently bring you the best candidates every time.

Niche Specialties

Along the way our recruiters have developed some very specialized knowledge.  In addition to expertise in the standard categories, we have special offerings in several additional areas.  These are areas we have identified special needs of our clients in which there is demand, but nearly no other companies offering solutions.  In many cases, we have tailored our offerings based on the feedback and requests of our clients in order to offer your business difficult-to-find services delivered in the way that suits you best. 

Specialty: Loan Officers/Originators

The Mortgage and financial industries are very detailed when it comes to terms, rates, products and even the multiple variations one job title can have.  You need recruiters that understand how the industry works and how to attract the best talent for you.  We have the expertise, experience and success rate to help fill a variety of financial positions which include sales positions such as Loan Officer/Originators.  


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