We specialize in Loan Officers and Originators

The Mortgage and financial industries are very detailed when it comes to terms, rates, products and even the multiple variations one job title can have.  You need recruiters that understand how the industry works and how to attract the best talent for you.  We have the expertise, experience and success rate to help fill a variety of financial positions which include sales positions such as Loan Officer/Originators.  Our experience has shown us that past results are a direct indicator of future success.  So, we verify documentation such as previous months sales data, W2’s and pipeline info identify top performers and bring them to you.  The very best Loan originators are in high demand and we work with your company to connect their high volume loans with your financial institutions products. 

  • Verified Past Results 40%
  • Product Knowledge 30%
  • Book of Business 30%

Fill the ranks

We have the resources to help you fill your ranks, expand your institutions footprint and connect you with the best Loan Originators and maximum ROI.  We are able to find the people you need within the areas you are looking to expand or strengthen your presence.  

A flat fee gives you even more value

Most recruiting or staffing companies try to avoid positions such as this because it is difficult to bill.  It’s impossible to know exactly what one Loan Originator will produce in loans during their first year and therefore companies don’t know what to charge and they avoid filling these types of positions.  At Zen Placements, we identified this opportunity to provide a unique service and value by offering this service at a low-flat-rate.  The average salaries for Loan Originators vary from $90k to over $300k.  We offer this service for $8k per loan officer.   A savings of over $12,000 from our nearest competitor. 

Our Unique Approach

We identify and contact the best candidates and conduct detailed phone interviews to identify their knowledge, industry success and culture fit for your organization. Then, we continue to network with the collegues of these candidates to quickly become area insiders.  The entire time we represent your financial institution with confidentiality, respect and highly ethical interactions. 

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